Our flagship project aimed squarely at professionalising the sector. Nowadays, there are many ‘coaches’ for fitness, lifestyle and even life coaching, mostly online ‘professionals’. The issue? Most are not qualified, and therefore cannot be properly insured. Meaning that should they give advice and guidance that causes harm to someone, due to them not being qualified, it could quickly become a horrible, legal matter. Most importantly, people’s safety could be at stake.

This is a career where you coach, educate, mentor and guide a PERSON, a HUMAN BEING, through specially programmed routines, give nutrition guidance and even prescribe specialist exercise and sports therapy for depending on your qualifications. Everyone is an INDIVIDUAL, meaning that what works for you isn’t a one size fits all for everybody else. We will train you to the highest standards, whilst allowing you the opportunity to work back 50-100% of the course fees through both our investment and your placement gyms financial investment in YOU.

There is no opportunity like this out there. We typically recruit on behalf of our partner gyms once every 3-4 months per region. Apply now to avoid disappointment.

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