What’s in our PT courses and how does it help you in your career?

Personal Training courses are studied in two parts:

  • Gym Instructor

  • Personal Trainer

Some of our course packages are tailored with additional qualifications too. We’ve designed them in a way that meets the requirements of the sector, giving you the best chance of success in your new career. For example, you may see Exercise Referral added to the package. You can be certain that during your career you will encounter many people with underlying health conditions. Without this qualification you’ll often find yourself having to refer clients onto other professionals.

So, what’s included in the fitness courses? Let’s take a look below:

Gym Instructor:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: learning about how the body works and how it responds to exercise. This is assessed via an online theory exam. Remember! Our online platform has a whole wealth of video lectures, animations, quizzes and mock exams to prep you before your exam.

  • Professionalism and Customer Care: find out how to work with your clients, set goals and start to build a successful business. This is assessed by completing a worksheet among other classroom-based role play assessments.

  • Conducting client consultations: You will cover goal setting more in depth along with motivational interviewing and strategies around positive reinforcement. You are assessed by conducting consultations in a classroom/video recorded environment.

  • Planning and instructing gym-based exercise: The practical units where we dive deep into putting together a good programme and how to demonstrate it in a gym-based environment. This is where we make sure your own exercise form and instructing technique is practiced to perfection! You are assessed through a range of methods. We assess you as part of ongoing practical sessions during each workshop, making sure your exercise form and instructing technique is up to scratch. We make sure your programme is ready for your final assessment. Then you complete the group induction followed by your final, 1-2-1 gym induction in front of an assessor.

Personal Trainer:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: You will now cover A&P again, but more in depth this time around! You will immerse yourself in how the human body works and moves. The expectation on your knowledge is higher, especially when it comes to remembering individual muscles and how they work! You will also learn about some additional body systems not covered already. Again, an online theory exam is your assessment. Remember! Our online platform has a whole wealth of video lectures, animations, quizzes and mock exams to prep you before your exam.

  • Nutrition: You will study nutrition at quite a depth. You will learn about macronutrients and micronutrients and the many roles they play. You will cover digestion and learn about the importance of the biochemical reactions inside your body that power exercise….and everything else you do! Your assessment will be your portfolio and how you manage your client’s nutrition throughout your training with them. You will create and analyse food diaries, calculate macronutrient balance and much more.

  • Programming and delivering advanced programmes: We take what you learned during the gym instructor course to the next level…and then some! You will learn about programming for individual needs, advanced movement analysis, postural assessments and much more. Using periodisation techniques, advanced training systems and more, you will take your client through a full personal training programme, delivered across 12+ weeks (You physically deliver a minimum four out of these 12 weeks). Your assessment will be one of our assessors observing you delivering one of your personal training sessions in the gym environment.


After Completing Gym and PT:

Upon completion, if you have purchased one of the advanced or elite course packages, you will continue your studies towards higher level, specialist qualifications such as exercise referral or one of our level 4 qualifications.

We have also added a whole range of CPD qualifications within our courses such as kettlebells, suspension trainers, circuit training, studio cycling and more. These qualifications have been included into our course packages to ensure you are not only able to use this equipment with your clients, but you will also be able to run exercise classes, earning you an excellent additional income as well as added job satisfaction. Running exercise classes are also an excellent way to gain yourself more clients.

Specialist qualifications such as lower back pain for example open up your business to working with clients on a higher level. You will find yourself working with other high-level specialists which is always a chance for networking and creating your own referral network. Which again builds your business. This is extremely rewarding and elevates your status as a professional, from being a ‘luxury’ to being a ‘need’.

Our level 4 strength and conditioning qualification is also an excellent opportunity to build your business as it not only gives you the opportunity to work in rehab too, but you also get the opportunity to work with sports clubs and amateur/professional athletes. You’ll be working with them not only to improve their performance, but you’ll be also working with them during injury recovery and more. Again, you’ll quickly find you will build a referral network with other professionals.

How Does the study work? 

We deliver our courses using the blended approach. This means that you enjoy a mix of advanced online learning, workshops (in-person and/or teams/zoom) and dedicated tutor support. We don’t simply give you your online login, a learner manual and wish you luck when we see you for your practical assessments and exams!

Although our online learning platform and resources are extremely comprehensive, we firmly believe you will be MUCH better prepared for both your studies and your new career with flexible, in-person workshops at one of our centres. We do also offer zoom/teams workshops too if absolutely necessary. These workshops contain both useful learning and will end with the relevant practical assessment. You will ALWAYS learn a lot from each workshop, including useful knowledge that is in addition to the course content from our expert tutor/mentors.

You will work through your studies with the support of your tutor and engagement officer and when ready, you will book onto the relevant workshop, choosing the most suitable date for you from a selection of available workshops.

When you have completed all of your workshops and passed all of the content for your course, we will quality assure everything and get your certificate to you as soon as we can. If you have booked onto one of our advanced course packages, you will start planning your next steps for the next qualification with your tutor.

Sports Massage Therapy:

In addition to the Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer courses, we also offer specialized training in Sports Massage Therapy to further enhance your skill set and broaden your career opportunities. Sports massage therapy is a valuable addition for any aspiring fitness professional, as it addresses the specific needs of clients engaged in physical activity, whether they’re athletes or individuals seeking to maintain an active lifestyle.

Course Highlights:

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Massage: Building upon your existing knowledge, this module delves into the musculoskeletal system, emphasizing muscles, joints, and movement patterns that are crucial in understanding how to provide effective sports massage.

  • Techniques and Application: Learn a variety of massage techniques tailored to address common issues faced by active individuals, such as muscle tension, soreness, and injury prevention. You’ll practice hands-on skills during in-person workshops and virtual sessions.

  • Recovery Strategies: Explore strategies to aid in post-exercise recovery, improve flexibility, and enhance overall performance. This includes understanding the benefits of various massage techniques in reducing muscle fatigue and promoting circulation.

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Gain insights into identifying potential sources of injury based on movement patterns and musculoskeletal imbalances. Learn how to integrate massage therapy into injury prevention and rehabilitation programs.

Assessment and Certification:

Your progress in the Sports Massage Therapy module will be evaluated through a combination of practical assessments, case studies, and theoretical exams. By successfully completing these assessments, you’ll demonstrate your proficiency in applying sports massage techniques and your understanding of their underlying principles.

Benefits for Your Career:
  • Diversified Skill Set: With expertise in sports massage therapy, you’ll be equipped to provide a more comprehensive approach to your clients’ needs. This specialization can set you apart from other personal trainers and open doors to working with athletes, sports teams, and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Enhanced Client Relationships: Offering sports massage therapy allows you to offer a more holistic service to your clients. By helping them recover faster, prevent injuries, and improve performance, you’ll build stronger and longer-lasting relationships.

  • Expanded Earning Potential: Incorporating sports massage therapy into your services can provide an additional revenue stream. Clients who seek specialized recovery and injury prevention techniques are often willing to invest in tailored treatments.

  • Collaboration Opportunities: As a sports massage therapist, you’ll be in a position to collaborate with healthcare professionals, physiotherapists, and sports coaches, creating a valuable network that can lead to referrals and professional growth.

By including Sports Massage Therapy in your skill set, you’ll elevate your career to new heights and become a well-rounded fitness professional capable of addressing your clients’ needs from both a training and recovery standpoint. This specialization aligns perfectly with our commitment to offering comprehensive and industry-relevant qualifications to ensure your success in the fitness and wellness sector.

For any further information, advice, or guidance, please feel free to contact our team:

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