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Welcome to the level 4 certificate in the management of lower back pain.

Your resources for this course are the following:

  • Use of this online platform to allow you to access all of the presentations, video lectures and more. This platform also contains electronic copies of essential resources such as you LAP (Learner Achievement Portfolio). This is what you’ll need to complete all of your assessment requirements, such as worksheets, case study paperwork and more.
  • Your own hard copy learner manual that contains a wealth of content educating you on lower back pain, such as the anatomy of the lower back, pathologies, treatment strategies and more. This also contains your LAP in paper format too.
  • Where required, practical attendance workshops or 1-2-1/small group tutor mentoring to help you through your studies. These workshops can be attended either in person or through the use of Zoom/Teams.

To summarise what the content and assessment on this course:

  • Prevalence and classification of lower back pain – worksheet to be completed to demonstrate your knowledge of the finer detail on how common low back pain is, typical causes and classifications.
  • Development and pathophysiology of low back pain – worksheet to be completed. Again, this is your chance to demonstrate your new found knowledge on the finer detail behind lower back pain. Such as deeper analysis of causes and development of the condition, with a deep understanding of anatomy of the lower back and what can go wrong.
  • Planning and delivering management strategies for lower back pain – this is were you get to compile a case study to demonstrate your knowledge and practical skills in developing exercise based rehabilitation programmes for sufferers of lower back pain. You will learn about various assessments (physical, health and questionnaire based), treatment methods and clinical reasoning when choosing exercises. You will really go in depth here when studying muscle activation (superficial and deep), the joints and so much more. You will then be observed delivering a session for a lower back pain patient (online methods can be considered here), where you will showcase your professionalism, clinical reasoning and justify your choice of exercises chosen.

In this section, we have included your LAP for download, in addition to our academy policies and procedures for your information. In the event that you haven’t read through your induction pack, we strongly advise that you do this and complete/sign anything that is required.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy your studies with us. Should you need any additional support at any stage through your studies, please contact us at:

You will need to give us your name, the course you are studying and the name of your dedicated tutor if known.

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