WELCOME! This is our taster course. The idea – you learn some new stuff that will help you in your fitness journey! And if you enjoy it, you can then upgrade at any time on to any one of our fitness courses, from beginner level to advanced level.

But enough of that! This is YOUR course to enjoy! There really is no catch, or expectation for you to sign up on to another course (we would obviously love you to do that!), we just simply want to share our knowledge and content with as many people as possible with one main aim:

  • TO HELP ENSURE MORE PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO TRAIN AND EAT BETTER – no longer wasting time down the gym, or training at home, stuck in the same old workout habits and eating habits, wondering why they aren’t making progress anymore.

So, what are you going to learn in this taster course? Well, first of all, we have included the content from the actual gym instructing and personal training diploma. We have selected specific lessons that cover the initial content and lay the groundwork for helping you to understand the science behind exercise. There are a number of sections we haven’t included as there’s a LOT to study for the full diploma! The lessons we have selected will give you just enough knowledge to begin to grasp the science behind exercise. You’ll be covering:

  • Some anatomy and physiology – this is ONLY so you can understand how the body works! By understanding this, you can TRULY understand how your body responds to exercise and the importance of doing it right.
  • Basic principles around writing programmes and the importance of progression
  • Periodisation – takes the above further by helping you to structure your training across a whole year, with structured progression, to achieve goals you never thought possible.
  • Nutrition – you’ll learn a little about nutrition, mainly in the form of macronutrients; what they are and roughly how many you should be consuming!

I’d like to note here, some of the videos and lessons you’ll undertake will give lesson numbers, which won’t necessarily be in order on this course. Don’t worry about this! It’s just the order we’ve chosen for you.


Should you then choose to upgrade your studies to one of our full courses (accredited or content only), simply contact us at any time to upgrade.

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