Teacher Training Courses in Essex

We offer a range of teacher training courses for the education sector, covering teaching, assessing and quality assurance in Essex.

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Become an expert in quality assurance and progress your career in to management

Teacher Training Courses in Essex

We offer a range of teaching courses in Essex, in addition to qualifications for existing teachers, such as assessor courses and internal quality assurance courses.

Our teacher training courses in Essex are for further education. Meaning you will be qualified to teach young adults above 16 and adults of all ages. You will be teaching in colleges, training providers, universities and more. You will be qualified to teach on accredited courses and non-accredited courses.

Our teaching courses in Essex are also available online, meaning that if you don’t live in Essex, you can STILL do your course with us.

Furthermore, you can use our student finance loans facility, designed specifically for students to spread the fees for as little as £20-£25 per month.

Currently, we offer the:

For qualified teachers:

We offer the level 3 award in assessing vocationally related achievement, and soon the full certificate in assessing. Furthermore, we also offer the level 4 for Internal Quality Assurance – IQA (used to be known as IV, or internal verification). Should you wish to qualify as an assessor or an IQA and take your career much further, please contact us today.