Using our excellent gym facilities and classrooms, qualify as a fitness instructor with the ultimate in flexible learning. You’ll enjoy excellent support and resources, studying topics such as anatomy and physiology, programming, exercise technique, consultations, nutrition and more.

We have our own gym facilities, classrooms and more, so you’ll enjoy an unparalleled learning experience.

Remember though, you are an independent learner on this course, meaning that, in addition to the support we offer, we cannot do the course for you! You’ll have to be independent in completing your portfolio with the guidance of your tutor and attend workshops (in person or virtually) regularly, staying motivated and organised throughout your studies.


Learning at one of our own dedicated gym facilities with comprehensive classrooms, you will enter the fitness industry at the base level within the fitness team at a gym. It is the ideal qualification to progress on the personal training diploma, exercise referral or other fitness qualifications. All of our gym instructor courses are delivered following a blended learning approach. Meaning that you will enjoy a mix of both classroom and online learning. Our classrooms are also fully equipped for virtual learning, meaning that in the event you cannot attend a workshop in person for a number of reasons, you will be able to attend live via our virtual facilities. You’ll be able to interact in the lesson as if you were there!

You will learn all you need to know about:

Anatomy and Physiology
Principles of exercise
Health and Safety
Supporting your client
Planning gym based programmes
Instructing gym based programmes

You need to be at the top of your game when it comes to exercise technique and your understanding of how the body moves. So we make sure we teach you more than the required content.