Fitness Courses in Essex

We offer a range of personal training courses in Essex, gym instructor courses in Essex and sports massage courses in Essex.

For flexibility, we also have online courses available too.

For course fee payments, we offer student loans facilities, student budget accounts, fully funded study programmes for 16-18 year olds and apprenticeships. Please visit the student finances page for more information.

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Initial Fitness Professional / Sports Massage Courses:

Our initial fitness courses are great to get you started in the industry.

From fitness instructor to personal trainer or sports massage therapist, you will graduate with a fully accredited, internationally recognised qualification.

You can choose to study our fitness courses in Essex via part-time, classroom learning, or through online learning. Meaning you can study with us regardless of where you live in the UK.

Choose your course below to find out the information you need. Once you are ready to get started, simply send us an enquiry or fill in our enrolment form.

Start your career with our gym instructor courses in Essex. This qualification opens up progression to personal training courses, exercise referral and more.

Qualify as an advanced personal trainer, exercise referral specialist and kettlebells/suspension trainers instructor

This is our most advanced level personal training diploma. You will be a specialist at the top of the industry.

Qualify as a Sports Massage Therapist with our sports massage courses in Essex

Progress your career with our exercise referral courses in Essex

CPD Fitness Courses:

Already qualified as a fitness professional? CPD courses (continued professional development) is an essential ingredient for success in the leisure industry.

It’s a very competitive environment nowadays. Your priority should always be two fold; becoming a specialist, at the same time as being able to work with a range of specialist equipment, such as Kettlebells and Suspension Trainers.

Being able to run exercise classes, work with specialist equipment and become a specialist in your chosen field are great ways to ensure success, all because you are a diverse and professional trainer. Putting you ahead of the competition.

A must have qualification for all fitness professionals wanting to deliver exercise classes in a circuit format.

For existing professionals to be able to deliver Suspension Trainer classes, or use them in 1-2-1 sessions.

For existing professionals to be able to deliver kettlebell classes, or use them in 1-2-1 sessions.

Fitness Apprenticeships:

Enter in to a rewarding career in fitness and learn whilst on the job. Build up your contacts, impress your employer and by the time you qualify, you’ll have a client base pretty much ready made.

Level 4 Specialist Fitness Qualifications:

Specialise at the top of your game with one of our specialist qualifications. From becoming a specialist in lower back pain to becoming a strength and conditioning coach, specialising is key to continued success.

Once you have chosen your course below, simply send us an enquiry or complete our enrolment form to get started.

The Ultimate Strength and Conditioning qualification for the true professional

Assess and treat people with lower back issues.

Online Fitness Courses:

Need the ultimate in flexible learning? Are you self-motivated and independent with your own learning?

From fitness instructor to personal training, exercise referral and more. Qualify in your new career using our excellent online learning materials. Where required, you’ll enjoy your own tutor with ongoing support and fully interactive resources.

**There may be some attendance required, or the use of video workshops and assessment.

Qualify as a fitness instructor with the ultimate in flexible learning - online!

Progress your career with our online exercise referral courses

Qualify in sports massage therapy with our online sports massage courses

Learn more about obesity and common myths surrounding the condition

Become a true professional with gloves and pads, making your personal training fully interactive

Expands your kettlebells qualification/knowledge and skills.

Learn how to use this specialist equipment and expand your expertise