Personal Trainer Apprenticeship - Government

15-18 months
Awarding Body: Active IQ
Other Accreditations: REPS and CIMSPA

Who is this course for?


With this opportunity, you ideally need to be unemployed or in part-time employment at less than 16 hours per week.

You will commence employment at your placement gym, paid at around the national minimum apprenticeship wage for your first year whilst undergoing the level 3 personal training qualification and further training in a specialist area.

You will be working between 30-40 hours each week including a day release at set dates to attend our college for your qualification.

Towards the end of your personal trainer apprenticeship, you will then undergo end point assessment where you will achieve the apprenticeship standard when passed. You will also have the opportunity to achieve your standard personal training qualification within your first year, where you will get the opportunity to build your personal training business at the same time as completing your personal trainer apprenticeship. Please note however, where possible, your personal training clients will need to be worked outside of shifts; although there is some allowance made here.

SUMMARY AND COMPARISON POINT FOR BOTH APPRENTICESHIPS WE OFFER: Overall, both opportunities are excellent opportunities. You can qualify as a personal trainer and then a specialist trainer, regardless of your situation. This is an opportunity for all and a first class personal trainer apprenticeship. This opportunity requires a full-time comitment of 30-40 hours per week on national apprentice minimum wage. BUT, your course fees are fully funded. Whereas the other opportunity (GymFactor) is half-funded by your employer and half funded by you (we have student finance options available making it VERY affordable). BUT, you qualify MUCH mire quickly and you only have to do 6-16 hours each week, leaving plenty of time for a part-time or full-time job with a higher wage, in addition to MUCH more time for building your personal training business when you reach the right stage in your studies.

It really is down to your personal circumstances as to the choice you make.

What will you learn from this course?

For the personal training qualification, here’s exactly what you cover, with some examples of how you assessed too:

Gym Instructor:
– Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology (multiple choice theory exam)
– Level 2 Principles of Exercise (multiple choice theory exam)
– Health, Safety and Welfare in a fitness environment (worksheets/workbook)
– Know how to support your client (worksheets/workbook)
– Planning Gym Based Exercise (programme design)
– Instructing Gym Based Exercise (practical observation)

Personal Trainer:
– Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology (multiple choice theory exam)
– Level 3 Nutrition (multiple choice theory exam and case study)
– Advanced Programming for personal training (case study and worksheets)
– Delivering personal training sessions (case study, worksheets and practical observation)

**With the government funded qualification, you may only get the option to study the course above. Any specialist qualifications you may have to pay for yourself. There is however the opportunity to potentially study the level 4 Strength and Conditioning qualification as part of your funding. This will depend on your progress whilst on the course.

How is the course delivered?

– Government funded personal trainer apprenticeship:

The course is delivered on a set timetable across your first year, with some intense training to get you qualified to a certain standard before completing your final assessments, giving you the opportunity to begin personal training. You will be given your delivery plan upon signing up and becoming employed. Typically, you attend college two days each month, followed by an intense period of training and finally, end point assessment at the end of your apprenticeship to achieve the apprenticeship standard.

How will I be assessed?

Practical assessments and theory exams

For the government funded personal trainer apprenticeship – you will undergo something called end point assessment where you will complete additional assessments such as an interview, presentation and additional practical observations on real personal training clients.

Can I make a good living once qualified?

Upon graduation, you will either be employed directly by our partner company as a freelance personal trainer – New Body Gym Ltd


You will be interviewed and employed by one of our partners we have built trusted relationships with,


Your placement gym will offer you permanent employment.

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  • Blended learning approach, with high quality online learning
  • The most affordable fitness courses in the UK
  • Excellent, highly rated vocational training
  • Multiple funding options, from student finance to government funded options
  • Flexible Study Options - online, part-time and bespoke 1-2-1/small group delivery

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