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UKFI Loans Facility for Students

We have introduced our very own, alternative loans facility for students. This facility has been designed specifically for younger people above 18, “millennial’s” and students of all ages. In short, this facility is designed specifically for students.

This facility is quick and easy to set up and the company with which we have partnered are known as Payl8r – they have specifically tailored these facilities for students.

Using this facility, repayments for our courses start from ONLY £25 per month!

After only a quick online application, a decision is made within a minute. Once approved, your course fees are paid, to which you can then pay back on a monthly basis for up to 12 months (24 months coming soon).

Try the student finance loan calculator to get an idea of your monthly fee repayments…

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The Good:

  • This is a loan that appears on your credit file. However, our loans facility still allows low monthly repayments and will only appear on your credit report for the term you agree. The 19+ government loan typically takes 15 to 30 years to pay! That’s a long time. This can affect applications for credit, such as mortgage applications.
  • The repayments are still low. And the interest is either just as low as the government loan, or it can be interest free!

We can offer you the following plans:

  • 12 and eventually 24 months
  • Alternative plans as required – can be tailored to suit your needs

Example monthly repayments based on £750:

  • Student chooses the 12 month repayment plan and pays a deposit of £187.
  • Student then repays only £52.50 per month for 12 months.

What’s the not so good?

Honestly, there isn’t really anything about this facility that’s negative. The 19+ government loan does offer the right to not pay anything back until you’re earning over £21,000 per year. Which is a great offer. However, it must be noted that the entire time you’re not paying it back; or you’re paying the lowest monthly amounts;  interest does accrue and your loan essentially grows. Furthermore, the government student loan is for £2882.00, whereas the course fees you pay with our own student finance facility is only £750 – ALMOST 4 TIMES LESS!

Interest growing on the government student loan is certainly not ideal. As it could result in you owing a larger amount than what you originally borrowed, which doesn’t reflect very well when applying for mortgages for example. Our student loans facility does not work in that way – as long as you keep up your monthly repayments, your loan will be paid off in good time and it will not grow. Furthermore, your credit score and history will grow positively, resulting in better opportunities for you.

Finally, unlike the government loan, you will be credit checked. Our lender; PayL8r; does offer high acceptance rates as their services are designed specifically for students. However, we do have a responsibility to advise you that every applicant is credit checked as part of the process. This only leaves a soft imprint on your credit report and it ensures every student is in the right position to have a student loan – making all lending responsible!

So, in summary:

  • Low monthly repayments
  • No interest options and low interest
  • Student loans tailored for each individual student
  • Up to 12 and soon 24 months.
  • Student loans available for course fees from £250

Student Finance Calculator

Option  2

Full payment

Paying upfront means you get between 10-20% off your course fees!

Using either your own savings or a credit card, you can receive BIG discounts on courses over £400 if you pay the fees upfront.

Option  3


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